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We are both proud and excited to offer a Children’s Library at St. Andrew’s. No ordinary library, this growing collection has been carefully curated to reflect a wide range of life experiences and cultures. Our hope is that the children of our parish see themselves and their friends and classmates in these diverse books, leading them to develop a stronger sense of empathy for all people. The Children’s Library is located in Harris Hall, and kids can borrow books any time. If you’d like to donate books or funds to the library, please call the Church Office at 508.875.5095.


We use the curriculum Weaving God’s Promises, designed to demonstrate how God's promises of salvation are inextricably woven into our lives.  Children are given a solid grounding for Christian life and future youth programs by studying Holy Scripture, Church History and Practices, and ways to enrich Christian Living by applying Christian principles to our lives as essential to faith. We follow the Framingham/Ashland public school calendar, taking only the first Sunday off of each vacation week. For the convenience of our worshipers, our Nursery is open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Sunday morning.

special events for children

We highlight many dates of the church year with a variety of special events.  These may include St. Francis Day, All Saints Day, St. Nicholas Day, Mardi Gras, a Children's Ash Wednesday Service, Palm Sunday Pony Rides, Children's Good Friday Stations of the Cross, and others.


St. Andrew’s offers baptism to anyone desiring to raise their child in the ancient Christian tradition.  Baptism is available on several dates throughout the year.  Parents should contact the Rector and receive a copy of Taking the Plunge, Baptism and Parenting,
by Anne E. Kitch.


Episcopal children generally take Communion as soon as they reach out their hands at the rail.  However, we take seriously our responsibility to teach the meaning of Communion.  Every other year, in the spring, our Church School children experience several weeks of preparation for a special event we call
Communion Recognition Day


 Confirmands go on field trips, attend a retreat, work with mentors, participate in liturgies, and design and implement a service project as a team.  This is a demanding yearlong program, with a proven track record of success, and this experience forms the foundation of our dynamic youth group.

This group, comprised of 6th and 7th graders, uses the Journey to Adulthood Rite-13 curriculum from Leaderresources.  The Journey to Adulthood is a complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation.  It encourages relational ministry and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries, and both serious and playful activities.  It celebrates the individuality and creative potential of each young teen, while exploring Biblical stories of God and God's people.  The Rite-13 liturgy (Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood) serves as a rite of passage, allowing students to embark on the path from childhood to adulthood and Confirmation.

This group, including 8th graders, has a Servant Leader Council of youth and adults, who share planning responsibilities.  Their Planning Summit is held annually to set priorities and meeting times. Nearly every year, the group participates in an intensive mission project.  In 2016, they travelled with a neighboring parish to repair houses with the Appalachia Service Project. The group also participates in Diocesan youth activities, such as the Senior High Retreat, CityReach at Common Cathedral, and special youth services like Gather at the Foot of the Cross at Trinity Church in Boston.

Any boy or girl, grade 4 or older, can be an Acolyte.  Guided by two Acolyte Co-Directors, Acolytes serve the church in a special ministry.  They add dignity and beauty to our more formal liturgies, and they give practical help in any church service.  St. Andrew's is proud to have a huge Acolyte corps every year.  Our Acolytes feel great about their service, as they learn they are an important part of the worship team.  Most feel it is more interesting and more fun to serve on the altar than it is to simply attend church.  It's also fun to swing burning pots of incense!  And, every year, Acolytes have a great party and brunches.

Our Jesus Rocks Association worship band has been in existence nearly ten years, and, in that time, has become known around the Diocese as a fantastically talented teen worship band.  Every year, musical teens are welcome to join, either by replacing seniors who graduate or by adding a new instrument.  We are always on the lookout for vocalists (especially male), guitarists, and bass guitarists.