The Foundation of Stewardship at St. Andrew’s

We are one body at St. Andrew’s, generous in our spiritual commitment and our service to each other and to those in need. Stewardship is the sharing of the Eucharist and belonging to the church that serves our needs for spiritual commitment and involvement, fellowship and church school for our children, and education and activities for our youth and adults.


The foundation of Stewardship is our own personal relationship with God and how we live our lives together as a body of Christ. That is the essence of Stewardship for each and every one of us. This belief brings with it an attitude of thankfulness, in which we acknowledge that all that we are and all that we have are the gifts of a loving God. As we respond to God’s infinite grace by making offerings generously, we are drawn closer to God, our spiritual lives are enriched, and we grow in faith. This belief is embodied in our Stewardship prayer:"Lord, with all that I am and all that I have, I honor you."


We belong to St. Andrew’s because it nurtures us through the Eucharist and serves our needs for spiritual commitment and involvement. Through our support of St. Andrew’s, we empower the church for ministry and mission. Through our support, the church is able to serve the variety of needs and interests of the parish family, such as Christian Education, lay ministry, or music to enhance the spiritual connection with the service. Our support also enables St. Andrew’s to extend its outreach ministry to the local community and beyond, by helping the elderly, the needy and the youth. We belong to a church that actively helps other human beings and makes a difference in their lives. That is worth supporting.


We are part of the faith community of St. Andrew’s, a part of something important where we are loved and appreciated. Our faith community is a group of people who know God is present in their lives in many different ways, a group who accepts one another wherever they are on their journey and helps one another along the way. It is a group of people who dance with you when you are joyful, cry with you when you are sad, and hold each other in times of difficulty. St. Andrew's is a place where we can ask for support when we need it and give support to others in need. In today’s hectic and sometimes impersonal society where we may not even know our neighbors, being a part of this loving faith community is special and worthy of your support.