Building Our Future

Building Our Future

Capital Campaign Goal: $363,000, with a challenge goal of $400,000

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This past year there was much prayer and reflection about who we are as members of St. Andrew’s, and what we want our future to become. Through the strong foundational principles of time, talent, treasure, and tithing, and through prayer, worship, and community, we have a strong future.

  • We learned that we want to be an aligned congregation welcoming diversity and to expand and nurture both our internal and external communities.

  • We wish to enhance the personal connection and meaning with our outreach and expand the active involvement of all parishioners in this endeavor.

  • We respect and embrace all generations and hope to balance the traditional with the new.

  • Lastly, it was widely acknowledged that we continue to build on our strong worship and religious education for both children and adults.

The thoughts and wishes of our church community were summarized in our strategic mission statement: St. Andrew’s is a church that is an inviting, caring, loving community that welcomes all who enter our doors to use their time, talent, and treasure to create meaningful partnerships with internal and external communities. Through reflective worship, we renew our understanding and our commitment to do God’s work and embrace the collective wisdom of all generations.

We now embark on the next phase of our future with a capital campaign. The capital campaign will provide the necessary financial resources we need to achieve our commitment to doing God’s work and move forward in realizing our strategic plan.

Each of the capital campaign initiatives supports one of theSE four strategic vision statements:

To foster an environment that accepts all who wish to serve God, by encouraging and supporting ministries that have personal meaning.
Environmental Stewardship: $50,000
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To establish community outreach that meets the needs of our internal and external communities, encourages multigenerational participation, and supports sustainable partnerships led by passionate and engaged parishioners.
Building Maintenance and Enhancements: $235,000
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To create an engaging, spiritual and reflective worship service that invites all to participate and supports the balance between the traditional and the new.
Interior Upgrades and Enhancements: $35,000
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Through focused direction and alignment of resources, St. Andrews will thrive and be financially healthy.
Property Fund: $43,000
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