Vision Statement I

To foster an environment that accepts all who wish to serve God, by encouraging and supporting ministries that have personal meaning.
Environmental Stewardship: $50,000

St. Andrew’s is proud to be part of a green worship space. Having received awards and recognition for our “green initiatives’ there is a clear desire to continue to support the passion and the importance of being faithful stewards of our resources. The following items are necessary replacements and enhancements to support this vision:

  • Low-flow toilets: replacement of six high flow toilets and two urinals (currently on demand handles) and upgrade of interior of bathroom with new dryers and paper towel holders, paint and decorations.

  • Sewer and main water pipe replacements: involves excavation of dirt, digging and replacement of three sewer lines and one water main line to replace broken, leaking pipes that are causing sewage water back up into our basement