Vision Statement II

To establish community outreach that meets the needs of our internal and external communities, encourages multigenerational participation, and supports sustainable partnerships led by passionate and engaged parishioners.
Building Maintenance and Enhancements: $235,000

More and more of our local community utilizes our church space. Our partnership with the Lutheran Church of Framingham has greatly increased our outreach and daily use of our church space by programs representing multi generations. Programs such as AA, ESOL, youth music and dance programs, businesses and the many internal outreach programs that come together weekly serve important needs in our local community. Maintaining the building is a necessary part of building our future and supporting this strategic vision.

The following items are needed to support our building maintenance and enhancements:

  • Solar panels: removal and replacement of panels that occur with our roof replacement project.

  • Roof: Despite a very committed and thoughtful roofing replacement project 13 years ago, a defect in the shingle has resulted in significant deterioration that necessitates another roof replacement project. The Organic Asphalt Shingle selected 13 years ago, was cutting edge at that time and consistent with the church’s desire to make environmentally conscious decisions. We are not alone with our misfortune there has been a class action lawsuit against this company that unfortunately has not resulted in any financial return to assist with any portion of a roof replacement. There is urgency in replacing this roof so that additional building issues do not occur from leaks. Much thought and review has been conducted over the past seven months in selecting our final roofing product and company.

  • Accessibility: In order to be a fully welcoming church we must work towards making our building fully accessible. The capital campaign will support the next phase of this goal by funding the following:

  • Accessibility ramp: This ramp will be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The ramp will allow access into the Memorial hall entrance so there is access to both the church and the parish hall there by creating open access to anyone with a physically disability. The ramp itself will be heated for winter months reducing the need for salt to keep the ramp safe for all to use.

  • Accessible electronic door: The Memorial room door must be replaced to allow for us to meet building codes and requires a new electronic door. This will allow for easy entrance for those in wheelchairs and who depend on assistive devices to enter easily and safely.

  • Accessible parking: With the addition of the ramp, the current designated handicap parking is too far to be accessible to the ramp. This cost includes the design and paving of one or two handicap spaces near the ramp and a drop off area.

  • Landscaping: After the ramp and the parking spaces have been completed, funds will be needed for landscaping design and plantings.