Vision Statement III

To create an engaging, spiritual and reflective worship service that invites all to participate and supports the balance between the traditional and the new.
Interior Upgrades and Enhancements: $35,000

A church that is aesthetically welcoming and feels warm and inviting provides an important first impression. Interior upgrades will provide a feel that balances the traditional and the new to enhance the physical worship service.

  • Interior Church design enhancements: With assistance of a designer we will address acoustic enhancements, church colors, best placement of our choir, carpet removal and any new considerations to enhance the worship experience.

  • Memorial room updates: . With the new accessibility entrance that welcomes all into our church and parish space, the Memorial room will play an important new role by becoming a focal entrance. The monies for this space will allow us to work with a designer and consider how best to maximize the space for function and aesthetics. Once redesigned, the monies will be used to paint, decorate and purchase new furniture to refresh this space and create a new and vibrant feel.